Westwood Liquid Resin

Liquid resins demonstrate their absolute strengths when it comes to waterproofing roofs. The main areas and roof details, irrespective of shape and the substrate material, are waterproofed seamlessly and without joints.

Suitable for the following types of roofs

  • Flat Roofs
  • Dome Roofs
  • Projecting Roofs
  • Detailing

Roof Refurbishment

Secure adhesion, optimum extensibility
The different rates of expansion of the various materials (bitumen, concrete, metal etc.), triggered by thermal influences, are bridged permanently and securely. The key factor that allows this to happen is the ideal ratio between adhesion and tensile strength. A liquid waterproofing system will usually become partially detached from the substrate when a crack occurs. Consequently it creates the necessary scope for expansion so that it can reliably bridge subsequent cracks.

Accurate details
Complex details, penetrations or joints are the weak points of every roof waterproofing system. Upstands and edging on details can be waterproofed without seams or joints using the proven Wecryl 230 thix product. Thanks to its secure adhesion to common roofing waterproofing materials, including even bitumen or plastic roof sheets, liquid resin also offers a reliable and permanent solution for the waterproofing of details.

Spray application
Spray application offers a significant economic benefit for extensive roof areas or surfaces that are difficult to access. A hose system is used to convey the waterproofing resin directly to the roof and to apply it to the area to be waterproofed.

BBA accreditation

WestWood Liquid Technologies Ltd are proud to add the BBA to their list of accreditations. The WestWood Wecryl PMMA system is now fully certified with BBA / ETA and FM approval, all with an expected lifespan in excess of 25 years.